Get It Handled: A Reflection On Being An Effective Pick-up Artist

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Getting good at picking up women consistently comes down to two things:  balls and strategy.

Yes, there are a ton of books about picking up women.  Yes, there are countless audio seminars, DVDs, lectures, theories, etc.

But none of that stuff matters if YOU aren’t doing anything.  None of it matters if you are overwhelmed with all the material instead of inspired and assisted by it.

The truth is, it’s good to have a baseline of understanding of women and pick-up, but very early on you need to make the commitment to stepping up and taking action.

Once you have made that commitment and you are taking action, you have to have the willingness to keep pushing beyond doing what you are used to, what you are comfortable with and what think is easy.

Simultaneously, you have to be honest with yourself.  You need to try things over and over again and honestly record what’s happening.  Then you need to make a game plan to IMPROVE your online dating game plan so that next time you get better results.

If you think about it, it’s really simple.  Do stuff and continuously improve your approach to maximize results.  Do stuff and improve.

Balls and strategy.  But most guys will read this and just think, “Oh, balls and strategy, got it.  Now give me some techniques.”

The fact is, no guy gets results in this field until he makes the commitment to take action and improve his approach.  Until that happens, he’s just twisting in the world of excuses and avoidance.

Stop making excuses and step up.  Stop making excuses and start handling your life.  Stop over-complicating this and delaying the inevitable, start taking real world action.

I understand that it can be very hard to step up and hold yourself accountable.  I am lucky that I found Legend to wing me and to give me honest feedback over the years.

As a dating coach, this is one of my most important roles:  To hold men accountable for their own self-improvement.  I have worked with guys who have floundered around for years in a pool of mediocrity, all because they didn’t have someone to light a fire under their ass.  Once I started holding them accountable, they went from zero dates to having multiple girlfriends at once.

Having “it” (the ability to pick-up women anytime/anywhere) is easy, but changing is hard.

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