Dating Rule : Universally Attractive Qualities

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There are many qualities that we might find attractive, but most of them are all subjective to the individual’s preferences. However, it is proven that some qualities are universally attractive, or at least the huge majority of the world thinks so. We a help of mt friend Alex Wise from Loveawake dating site, below i shall highlight a few of the qualities that after much reading and research, i believe are universally attractive qualities.


Everyone, besides emo kids (although sometimes i thnk they do too), like to be surrounded by happy people. Happiness is one feeling that you would welcome with open arms, no matter where and when it is, yes? So, try adding a little smile in your life, whether you’re collecting your coffee over the counter or nodding in appreciation of something you saw on the television, you never know who’s watching, and who’s absolutely fallng in love with your smile.

Capacity for fun and laughter.

Ever been in a situation where you laughed with your friends till your abs hurt? Now, think about it, after that process, do you hate any one of them or like any one of them more? Well, if basc human nature applies to you, it would most probably be the latter. We love having fun and laughing, and research has shown that a group of men or women having fun and laughing together are immediately seen as more attractive by the opposite sex.

The ability to execute jokes is a really attractive quality too, as one thing that makes the people around you like you more than laughing with them, is to actually make them laugh at something you say.

I read up this technique from Steve Cohen’s “Win The Crowd” book, a tehnique that most stand up comedians use to so successfuolly execute witty one liners and stuff is to carry a small book with them, which tey record every funny and witty thing they encounter in their life in, and over time they keep reading it and getting it into their system, so when the situation arises, BANG, they shoot a witty one liner that gets their audience rolling on the floor in (good) pain.


Originality, the fashion world loves it, and apparently the social world does so too. Authenticity can be defined in two ways, in thought and in action.

Authenticity in thought would involve you having your own ideas and values to live by, and not always succumb to society’s wishes. For example, if you strongly believed in reserving your first kiss for marriage, then stick to it and not succumb to society’s views. Some other person might be thinking the same and would find you infinitely more attactive because of that. Autheticity in thought can also be in the form of ideas. Do not be afraid to come up with your own ideas concerning anything and everything, don’t ever adopt a follower’s mentality and just conform to anything thrown in you direction.

Authenticity in action would involve you having originality in what is physically visible to everyone around you, whether in your dress sense or the way you walk with a group of people, having originality in your decisions in those situations would make you seem indepenent, as afterall, you are not simply being dependent on someone else’s mind to make the decisions for you, but making your own decisions in what you do, whether it be the way you dress up or the directions you pick when walking with a group. Another article i wrote on “How To Be Charismatic” explains this in much more detail.


It is crucial that you seem confident. As not seeming confident would also lead to people seeing you as insecure – not the ideal characteristic of a charismatic man. Do not look down while walking around, instead, carry your head up high, not to the extent that your nose is up in the air, of course. This includes all other scenarios where your confidence or security in yourself would be tested. No one likes an insecure person, perhaps maybe a few might, but everyone prefers someone who seems confident of himself and seems absolutely secure. (:


One thing that is becoming increasingly evident these days is that people love a knowledgeable person, a  competent person. Personally, i think that knowledge is extremely sexy -nods. Everyone’s basic survival instincts tells them that they should look out for the best possible mate to.. carry on their line, so to speak. And thus, that leads us to look out for successful people as that’s the best gauge, after looks, when picking a partner for life. So, remember that looks ain’t everything in the dating game, competence such as status, intelligence and more are all equally crucial in the dating game.

Thus, these are a few of the universally attractive qualities i compiled. Attractive qualities can vary from person to person,  but these qualities should apply to everyone all over the world icon biggrin Dating Rule #18 : Universally Attractive Qualities

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