Math 2373 WS1- Fall

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Math 2373 - FALL 2019

Course Number: Math 2373-WS1                           

Course Title: Matrices, Vectors and Linear Programming                                                                                                                                                      

Instructor: Dr. Cyrus Malek                                                                                                 

Phone: (972)-881-5181

Email:   (When the class begins, you must use  CANVAS Email to communicate).

Correspondence is to take place through the college email system, namely CougarMail,

for reasons of confidentiality and privacy, or within CANVAS Platform.  Please include your full name and course number and section number in each email. You will get a respond to your email within two working day.

Office: J226, Spring Creek Campus

Office Hours:  M,W     1:00-4:00

Census date:          Sept 17, 2019    Withdrawal Date:  Oct 19, 2019

Course Description:

Not for science majors. A study of matrices, vectors, determinants, inverses, system of linear equations, and linear programming with applications.


Textbook: Linear Algebra by Gareth Williams 9th edition with ISBN# 9781284163209 at Collin bookstore. Published by Jones and Bartlett, Student solution manual (ISBN# 978-0-7637-5588-1) is optional but suggested  for this course and  you can purchase it with your textbook from bookstore. Also, you need a basic scientific or graphing calculator  for this course. An access code for WebAssign is required if you wish to practice more problems silmilar to your HW problems in WebAssign. These problems will not be graded at all.

Grading Policy:

Exam #1    Sept 24- Sept 29   25%       (Collin College Testing Center)               

Exam #2    Oct 15- Oct 20      25%       (Collin College Testing Center)

Exam #3    Nov 12- Nov 17     25%       (Collin College Testing Center)      

Exam #4    Dec 3- Dec 8          25%       (Collin College Testing Center)

*The lowest of Exams  #1,#2,#3,#4 grades will be dropped                                                                        

Final Exam (comprehensive)   Dec 9- Dec 10    25% 

(Collin College Testing Center)

Homework &  Practice Quizzes                              0%                           

Total:                                               100%


  • All 4 exams and final exam will be given in the Collin College Testing CenterLinks to an external site. during assigned dates.
  • You need at least two hours to take your exams. Make sure that you will be in testing center two hours prior to its closing time. You will receive your grade one week after the due date of each exam.  You can view your grade by clicking on Grades tool at Canvas.  The lowest of the exams (except final exam) grade will be dropped.
  • You will be required to complete weekly homework.  You do not need to submit the homework but  You can check the student solution manual for the correct answers.  This will help  you to do well in exams.  Also, practice quizzes are given to help you to check your understanding of the weekly topics. Your exams questions would be similar to your homework, practice quizzes and practice exams. 
  • Your final exam questions are similar to problems in exams 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Using MATHLAB on  any of the campuses is recommended and will help you to improve your grade free of charges.
  • Online activities such as group discussions are not required.
  • Some extra materials are posted in WebAssign for your practice.

Grading Scales:

[90-100] - A     [80-90) -  B      [70-80)  - C     [60-70) - D

Course Policy:

 -You may repeat this course only once after receiving a grade, including W.

- If you drop this class on or before census day, it will not count against you.

- Last day to withdraw is   October 19 .   

No make-up exam will be given under any circumstances.

Graphing calculators are allowed to be used in this course. (Except Texas Instrument 89 and 92)

You need to follow weekly schedule and do Homework problems promptly.

- You are welcome to make an appointment to see me.

It is your responsibility to meet all deadlines assigned by the college and instructor

-It is your responsibility to check your grade regularly and notify the instructor if there is any discrepancy.

Course Withdrawal:

To drop this class, you need to do the following:

1- Attain a Drop/Add sheet from the registrar's office;

2- Turn in the complete form to the office of Admission and Records 972-881-5710 on or prior to the drop deadline date;

3- All students will receive an F if they do not finish this class and do not withdraw on or prior to the drop deadline date.

4- Make sure your six course limit is satisfied. For further details, check to an external site..


You can access the generic syllabus at the college Website. This generic syllabus includes ADA Statement, Academic Ethics, and Course Learning Outcomes and Objectives.


  • Standards of courtesy and respect must be maintained at all times in our online “classroom.” Join in to the discussion, but remember that this is still a “classroom” setting and that respect and consideration are crucial for any intellectual discussion.
  • Discussion areas are the place for intelligent and respectful airing of ideas. Name-calling and personal attacks are not permitted.
  • Any violation of the standards of appropriate behavior online will be reported to the Dean of Students and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by the college.


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