Final Exam

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  • Points 51
  • Questions 18
  • Time Limit 120 Minutes


Notes about This Final Exam

  • There is time limit of two hours for this final exam (except for students that have ACCESS accommodations for additional testing time).
    • The TWO-HOUR COUNTDOWN TIMER begins once you click the “Take the Quiz” button. The countdown timer DOES NOT PAUSE, even if you navigate away from the test page or Canvas.
  • The exam features document analysis and critical thinking.
      • The exam consists of multiple-choice and short-answer questions.
      • Any specific fact-based questions included in the exam are intended only to direct your attention to pertinent context or details to aid in your analysis.
  • The exam is open-book, open-note.
    • This means that you may consult your paper course textbook or the e-version of our course textbook during the exam.
    • This also means that if you have handouts from prior to spring break or notes you have taken over the course of the semester, it is okay to consult and use those during the exam.
    • This does NOT mean any of the FOLLOWING, which are all EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED:
      • surfing the internet for answers
      • checking any other paper or electronic resources beyond course materials
      • calling/texting/talking to/videoconferencing a lifeline or warm body.
  • IfI suspect that a student has committed scholastic dishonesty (like surfing the internet for an answer now that I have prohibited that, plagiarizing, colluding, or cheating), then I will not hesitate to submit an incident report to the Dean of Students.  Such an action, no matter the ultimate outcome, will delay the submission of any involved student’s final course grade until the Dean makes a decision.
  • The final exam is worth 15% of all possible points in the course prior to the final exam itself.


  • BEFORE you start the final exam, make sure you:
    • Have ready access to the course textbook (or any notes or paper-based materials provided for this course) if you want to consult it during the exam.
    • Use the restroom.
    • Get any snacks or drinks you may want.
    • Get tissues if your nose is runny or you need to cry (J.K.! I hope.).
    • Bribe small children and animals to stay out quiet and out of your way (but remain safe and out of mischief).
    • We’re almost done!



You will be reading two primary source documents and answering document analysis and critical thinking questions about them.  More directions are contained within the exam itself.


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