Survey - Feedback on Zoom In! Lesson

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Preliminary Note (please read):

I require your feedback to help me decide if/how I may use Zoom In! lessons again, in the immediate and longer-term future.

The Zoom In! lesson that you completed  last week is a resource from which I have only ever sampled before.  I have never used any single Zoom In! lesson in its entirety, nor have I ever before assigned students to use the web format.  I chose Zoom In! as our recent lesson, however, principally because the lesson incorporates all three of our course student learning outcomes:

• Create an argument through the use of historical evidence.
• Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources.
• Analyze the effects of historical, social, political, economic, cultural, and global forces on the time period defined in the course description.

I also chose Zoom In! because it provides what educator's call "scaffolding" - supportive strategies aimed at helping students better comprehend and acquire skills.

Nevertheless, Zoom In! lessons were designed to be used not exclusively online by independent learners but rather in conjunction with face-to-face teaching and learning and interactive discussion.   The lessons were also designed for a broad set of student learners who range in content knowledge and skill level.

So from a teaching standpoint I am keenly aware of some drawbacks in utilizing the lessons in their entirety and under our current circumstances.  But since you are the end user, your experience (good and bad) is equally (if not more!) important to me in making decisions about coursework.



Answer the questions/prompts using critical thinking.

  • Constructive criticism is the goal here--that goes for both negative and positive impressions about the lesson. 
  • Be specific
  • Use examples when possible. 

NOTE (warning?): You automatically receive full credit for completing this survey; HOWEVER,  and if I see any responses are missing or lacking in a student submission when I review the results, I will deduct points.

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